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Learn Almost Anything For Free on Khan Academy!

Yet another suggested FREE resource for self-education and mind expansion in almost any field you could possibly want to learn about! Below is a description from the Khan Academy about it’s mission:

"With over 3,300 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practicewe’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

The Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We’re a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. The Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.”

Khan Academy offers Talks and Interviews,  Resources for Teachers and/or Administrators, andall sorts of areas of expertise within the fields listed below:



Finance & Economics:


Test Prep:

Enjoy these wonderful resources, and have fun exploring and expanding!

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